Review of John Meadows Mountain Dog Diet

For those in the online communities, its pretty hard to avoid the name John Meadows or Mountaindog as his screen name was. Mountaindog Diet is his primary theory of how to diet properly. It contains everything you were told NOT to do with dieting. Eat fat, ground beef, drink whole milk, cook with coconut oil, and the list goes on. You may think eating this way is unhealthy and hes waiting for a heart attack. However hes not. John is ripped and with great blood work and cholesterol levels he boasts of.

Johns doctor, Eric Serrano is well known for working with athletes and has been his doctor since 1997. Meadows had taken Serranos advice and decided to research his nutrition needs. After learning as much as he could he started experimenting with himself and his clients. The results were outstanding.

He follows several principals:

  • Eat Organic: Toxins are stored in fat. “It’s funny, but when you first start eating mostly organic food, you feel like crap,” says Meadows. “It’s your fat cells releasing all the toxins that have built up inside you. Then you feel good. I tell people to be patient.”
  • Eat More Fat: Follow a higher natural fat diet and cook with coconut oil instead of sunflower or olive oil.
  • Cut Back Carbs: “All degenerative diseases—such as dementia, heart disease, and arthritis— can be tied to high blood sugar,” says Meadows. “It’s a perpetual cycle, the higher your fat intake, the lower your carbs need to be,” says Meadows. “If you find you’re getting fat, you didn’t lower your carbs enough.”
  • Take prebiotics and probiotics: both kinds are healthy bacteria that make your digestion more efficient.
  • Take supplements: Take supplements for liver support and digestive enzymes to help gas and bloating.

My first experience with Johns method was eating cage free omega 3 whole eggs with avocado slices. Fresh grass fed ground beef patties (the taste is unbelievable), shrimp stir fy, fresh caught salmon.

My fat levels started dropping and my energy went thru the roof. I have never felt better in my life. I was actually able to have the energy to couple this with Johns 2 a day training method. Prior to this diet I wasnt able to do this. The results are fast and I reccomend anyone to contact John and learn more.



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To sign up or learn more about Mountain Dog visit John.