How to time your carbs to stay in ketosis?

carbs to stay in ketosis

When you enter ketosis, your body will start using ketones instead of glucose as its main source of fuel to power through your workouts. So why do you even need carbs?

The main reason is fibre. Your body craves and needs fibre. It is amazing for your body because it promotes a feeling of fullness. Soluble fibre turns into a gel-like consistency inside your body, which helps slow digestion. This long-lasting sufficiency makes it easier to go longer between meals without feeling starved.

Next, we’ll be discussing a question that often comes into view in Keto Diet: What is the best time to consume carbs in your keto diet to make a real difference?

Carb timing is not absolutely necessary for getting the hang of the keto diet, it’s actually a matter of personal preference but it might still bring about a few important benefits in your training that can actually help you with the transition.

That’s normal if you are on the keto diet and struggling with insomnia or poor sleep. A good way to make falling asleep easier is to eat your carbs closer to bedtime. Your struggle will likely pass this way.

Carbs give you an extra boost which you might not need if you are into low-intensity cardio such as walking, yoga, aerobics etc. However, if you are on high-intensity workout such as running, weight lifting, boxing and the like, a bigger part of your carbs before or after a workout might benefit you.

To have a better appetite control, it might be beneficial to have your carbs later in the day because eating carbs in the morning actually sets up your body for a never-ending carb cycle of cravings and consume proteins and fats in the morning and at lunchtime.

Sleeping puts your body into a fasted state overnight, which causes glucose and insulin to both rises in your system. So it becomes almost impossible for your body to use the carbs you eat. Insulin, as its job as a storage hormone dictates, tucks away the energy from your breakfast and prevents you from burning these carbs for fuel. When insulin levels normalize later in the day, blood sugar levels decrease and fat burning becomes possible again.

That is how you can time your carbs to stay in ketosis and put them into use right away.

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